America’s Forgotten Heroine:
Ida Lewis, Keeper of the Light

America’s Forgotten Heroine tells the dramatic – and forgotten – story of this country’s most famous lighthouse keeper and one of the bravest women in American maritime history — Ida Zoradia Lewis. Told for the first time on film, this historical documentary resurrects her story of both fame and isolation. Narrated by Marilyn Murphy Meardon as the elder Ida, it is shot in HD and features compelling interviews (including with Ida biographer Lenore Skomal), animation of Ida’s dramatic rescues, and historical photographs and illustrations. This film renews the national memory of Ida Lewis and returns her to her rightful place in American maritime history.

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 HERstory: The Founding Mothers of Johnson & Wales University 

Their story was on the cusp of being lost forever. But this documentary, released in 2004 and nominated for a New England Emmy, gives a voice to Gertrude I. Johnson and Mary T. Wales who had been rendered historically invisible. A combination of historical, narrative, feminist, and anecdotal research – including interviews with a handful of their former students – brings their remarkable story to life for the first time.

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 Johnson & Wales’
Men of Vision

This second documentary released in 2008, picks up where Gertrude and Mary left off when they retired in 1947 and sold Johnson & Wales Business College to two Navy buddies just home from WWII. This documentary chronicles the unique history of a small business school that grew into an internationally recognized career university due to the inexhaustible entrepreneurial spirit of Morris Gaebe and the engineering and management savvy of Edward Triangolo.

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Jack Yena’s Legacy:
Finding a Sense of Place

This third and final documentary brings the story of Johnson & Wales full circle as it explores the University’s meteoric expansion in the last 20 years. Released in January 2011, it illustrates how University President Jack Yena took a modest university out of the past and drop-kicked it into the future as well as led the charge to establish campuses in North Miami, Denver and Charlotte. However, his greatest contribution is how he gave JWU a real “sense of place,” something it never had before. Now that it is completed, this trilogy is collectively called, “A University Comes of Age. Along with HERstory and Men of Vision, Jack Yena’s Legacy routinely airs on R.I.’s PBS station.