Men Of Vision Film

This 30-minute documentary – the second in a trilogy – also utilizes the narrative approach to storytelling. It chronicles the unique history of a small business school that grew into an internationally recognized career university due to the inexhaustible entrepreneurial spirit of Morris Gaebe and the engineering savvy of Edward Triangolo.


Building on the foundation – and, in fact, the very mission of Misses Johnson and Wales “to teach a thing not for its own sake, but for what lies beyond” – Gaebe and Triangolo worked together to bring higher education not only to women, but to veterans returning from the war desperate to learn employable skills so they could support their families. Their remarkable partnership propelled Johnson & Wales from a small business school to a junior college to a college and then to a university within four decades.


With interviews from family members, friends, and long-time employees at Johnson & Wales, this documentary reveals, for the first time, the story of two exceptional men who had the vision for a school like Johnson & Wales that takes the student who isn’t going to Brown, Harvard or Yale and gives them a chance for a college education that can lead to a life-long career in which they can take enormous pride.


The JWU trilogy continues to air on R.I.’s PBS station.


This production was made possible by Johnson & Wales University and with the support of University President John J. Bowen, Class of 1977.